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We offer a massive range of plots, so there’s something for everyone:

Maria’s Birthday Surprise
Tonight you are invited to a surprise Birthday party for Maria Whitehouse. But as the celebrations get underway, what terrible skeletons tumble out of the family closet and ruin the party?

Farewell to Earth
In fifteen days time the asteroid Dolofonos is to hit the Earth. You, along with the other lucky people at the hotel, have managed to secure a seat on the spaceship that leaves the Earth tomorrow heading for the Martian Colony, a purpose built, self contained unit on Mars, which will only house 100,000 people. However, when it’s discovered that some of the high-profile guests have pulled strings to guarantee their place on the ship, and are denying other genuine winners their survival, a murderous atmosphere takes hold…

School Reunion
A reunion to celebrate the 75th year of the local Priory School, a private, family run, co-educational, residential school. What secrets are there to be found in this ancient building? Why have two student teachers gone missing?

You are invited to attend a conference on the paranormal arranged by the Department of Parapsychology. What strange happenings await your guests? Is someone frightened enough to kill?

Toby’s Toys
Toby Wood, founder of the company Toby’s Toys, has made traditional toys for many years now, and after another successful year he has arranged a party. But tonight he is not just celebrating the success of one year - he is to announce his retirement and hand over the business to his successor. But whom will he choose to be his successor – and in the process, who will get laid off? Who will lose money? But would any of this be enough to murder?

The Dreams
Alex Canterbury is a ‘dream destroyer’ . Alex has an excellent reputation and has apparently successfully stopped the recurring nightmares of many clients. Until Janet. After months trying to rid Janet of these dreams, Alex decided that Janet needed some public therapy, so you are all invited to try and help poor Janet get back to normality. Trouble is The Dreams are becoming - well - realistic. Janet’s last phone call to Alex was: “My mobile was ringing and I woke up to find a picture of me sleeping on it taken from the other side of my bedroom. Alex, you remember I live alone, don’t you?”

Michael and Georgina Kettleworth are celebrating their wedding anniversary tonight. Michael is a successful scientist currently engaged in some top secret research, which he conducts at a secret laboratory based near to the hotel. They have invited all their friends and colleagues and they should be at the evening also. But what exactly is the nature of Michael’s research and how is it funded? Why is Georgina so nervous and highly strung? And just WHAT are those strange, creepy noises?

Abigail’s Divorce
Abigail and James have split – and Abigail is celebrating escaping James’ grip with a huge party, to which you are invited. It might seem spiteful, but in the light of Abigail’s recounts of James being a demanding, controlling and abusive husband, supporting her getting over him is what a good friend should do, right? However, when James turns up pleading for Abigail to take him back, telling her that he still loves her, and quite clearly demonstrating his ability to take care of her - what with all that money, the party doesn’t end up going exactly to plan…

The Haunting
The Haunting The room you are having dinner in tonight is haunted. It is said that an awful murder was committed in the dining room and the victim cannot rest until the bloody act has been avenged. Can Gordon Summers, local researcher and fellow of the British Institute of parapsychology and his colleagues find out the truth before the film crew from “Help My House Is Haunted” - or will the investigations simply lead to more tragedy and death?

The Eyes of Martha Goodfellow
You are invited to the annual “Spooks Ball” arranged by the Burton Uppersley Ghost Hunting Society. The society has been searching for evidence about the mysterious case of Martha Goodfellow for years, but has yet to find anything. Every year they have a big party where everyone gets the chance to dress up as their favourite monster, ghoul or demon! But this year someone may well end up as a ghost - for real.

Piper’s Grave
MBX-TV, the infamous, sleazy cable TV channel is 5 years old this weekend/evening. Matthew Bradshaw, founder and CEO of the company has thrown a party to celebrate and to make a very important announcement. But things don’t go according to plan - why is MBX-TV losing ground to its rivals? What secrets and mysteries does the hotel harbour? And are the rumours about John Piper’s ghost true?

The UFOs Spotter’s Club
Join Kevin Wood, chairman of the Upton Costley UFO Spotters Club at what promises to be an extraordinary and historic meeting of the organisation. In the local press last week, Kevin claimed to have definitive proof that UFO’s exist and is going to display the evidence tonight. But should Kevin be careful in what he says in public? Who would stop at nothing to prevent the truth coming out?

They’re the band you all voted for last Christmas, and now they’re releasing their debut album! By promoting themselves across the country, they’re expecting record sales and are continuing their publicity campaign for their album for one night only at this hotel. But will they still be the sickly-sweet best friends they have always portrayed in front of the camera? Has fame gone to their heads already? And how will their fans react if they don’t live up to their expectations?

Hettie Brodgates
Will Hettie Broadgate died a month ago at the ripe old age of 77, after living a full and colourful life. In her will, she had requested that her many friends from the past be brought together to receive her small personal bequests. But did she really die from natural causes?

Saucy Secrets
Not many people know what it’s like to work in a lingerie factory – being surrounded by charming and light-hearted underwear all day can have its ups and downs. However, Secrets, the aptly-named lingerie manufacturer, also has its sinister side – but who will dare air the dirty laundry? And what will happen if they do?

The Night Stalkers Journal
A journal has been found in the cellars of Hockton Hall. It apparently details the chilling account of one man’s hunt for a Vampire. Written many years ago the find has caused a lot of excitement. Kelvin Smith a noted parapsychologist is the guest of honour tonight at a special dinner of paranormal investigators where no doubt the main topic of discussion will be the journal. Should Kelvin be careful of what he says and who he speaks to? What are the causes of the mysterious deaths at Hockton Hall?

Rock On
Set in 1968. Join Jerry Jackson, manager of “Ricky & The Ravers” as he launches his new project – a musical based on the 1958 hit ‘Rock On By’. But as his murky past comes back to haunt him, will his project ever become a reality? And what would drive someone to murder?

Former rock star Anthony Philpotts AKA Judas of Britain, quit the rock scene to become a very successful Motivational Speaker. Indeed he makes more money now than when he was a musician. But who doesn’t like the things he says? Is someone de-motivated by him? And has it provoked them to commit murder?

The Christmas Card Company
The Rothwell Greetings Card Company is holding their Annual Christmas Fancy Dress Party and you are all invited. It is a double celebration as this year sales have exceeded all expectations and there have been some very healthy bonuses indeed! Not everybody has the Christmas spirit though. Who isn’t pleased that the company has done so well this year? Has someone got different ambitions – and would this be reason enough to kill?

Carry on Murdering
Join the Matron, the doctor, W C Boggs and many others as the Carry on Comeback Society (COCS) holds its annual party and announces they are funding the new film, Carry On Murdering. But is everyone happy with the choice of director? Does everyone like the new script and would somebody kill to get the part they want?

We are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Captain Fearless Falcon’s death. It is rumoured that there was a vast treasure hidden at the Captains house, Talon Hall, but this has never been discovered. But is the discovery of an old map key to finding the treasure? And would anybody kill to get their hands on so much money?

The Concert Party
It’s 1943. The concert party arrives home after entertaining the front line troops, to find that an engagement has been broken off and a love affair ended. But will the heartbroken members of the party forget the past – as their lovers evidently have – or will they seek revenge?

Too Many Cooks
Tonight is the Gala dinner being held before filming starts for the finale of TOO MANY COOKS, with an important invited audience of which you are a member. Steve Patterson, celebrity chef will be hosting. Is Steve the same as he is portrayed on television or is he even nastier and is £10,000 a prize worth killing for?

Who Saw Somebody Killing Santa Claus?
Benton’s Department Store is having a Christmas party to celebrate owner Arthur Benton’s birthday. Arthur always likes to throw a lavish party and hand round gifts to all his staff, but tonight is an extra special night! Arthur intends to make an announcement that may cause an almighty shock! Will everyone react the same way?

The Village Fete
The villagers of Farmly are worried about rumours that Farmly Grange has been sold by its owner, Colonel Peter Chivers. Every year, the villagers have been invited by the Colonel to hold their annual village fete there, but with a new owner, will they be able to hold it as usual? But is the takeover of Farmly Grange – and the prevention of the village fete – enough to kill for?

Burial at Sea
Edwina Weston, singer, dancer and star of the West End and Broadway has died at the age of 85. One of her wishes was to have her ashes scattered at sea and her solicitor Marcus Jeffrey is to see that that is done. He is also instructed to read her will out during this weekend as she has left a sizeable estate. There is an old saying - Where there’s a will, there is a scheming relative - and you can bet that this is not likely to be any different.

Jeremy Vile Roadshow
The Jeremy Vile Roadshow is back by popular demand, bringing together a plethora of guests with axes to grind and hatchets to bury. Will Jeremy be able to solve their problems or just add to them?

Shaken & Stirred
The Bridge Hotel and Spa is one of the exotic locations for the 24th Bond movie ‘In-Spectre’ starring Craig Daniels, and you are one of the extras. It will be lights, camera and action as you try to work out who is unlicensed to kill!

A Dickens of a Christmas
Benton’s Department Store is having a Christmas party to celebrate owner Arthur Benton’s birthday. Arthur always likes to throw a lavish party and hand round gifts to all his staff, but tonight is an extra special night! Arthur intends to make an announcement that may cause an almighty shock! Will everyone react the same way?

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